Month 6

Through our relationship, I have grown and developed within the most profund layers of my being, and this is one of the things I must especially thank you for.


Still nature with a bird at sunset

In the evening I found this decomposing bird on the road. Cause of death is unknown and it does not really matter. But I would like to know that the energy of life, which was pushing her/him to fly all over tirelessly, to search for food, to build the nest and raise offsprings or to just sing on a tree branch, is now in another living bird, it helps a butterfly open the wings or makes a flower sprout from earth.

And I would also like to know that no matter the cause of death, he/she lived fully and died at peace.

My heart belongs to…

In this photo is a heart-shaped salty cracker. On the pack from which I took it there was a question: “To whom do you want to give your heart away?” I took a long look at that question, and the answer that came to my mind was: “To me”. Strong, generous, passionate, and also lonely, idealistic and longing for freedom – it is all mine.