Month 11

No one else but you has seen my naked soul. I am lucky to have had the chance of taking off all masks and be truly myself with someone.


31 august – Romanian Language Day

One of the most beautiful and profound words in the Romanian language: DOR. An untranslatable word, a Romanian feeling.

dor = a strong sense of longing; it has a common origin with “durere”, which means pain (from the Latin word ‘dolus’); its etymology relates it also to “dorinta”, which means wish — but it’s more than just a feeling; it can illustrate an entire metamorphosis of body and soul for the one who experiences it; ‘dor’ is that deep ache of the soul felt in the chest when you miss someone.

Longing for you

“Then, distance makes you realise that some people you no longer miss. It’s like they dissolve and perish. And their traces, once wiped off, can no longer be reinvented.” Ana Maria Sandu, in Dilema Veche magazine

Other people you miss permanently, and that longing tears your insides apart each time you remeber that they are no longer with you.

Drawing by J Norridge (graphite stick and water on paper.)

God Confesses to People: Forgiveness

I hear thousands of times every day: “Forgive me, God!” and I wonder if people looking for forgiveness know that, first of all, they have to look for it in those to whom they have erred. Sure, I also find cases where, although they are asked for forgiveness, say, “May God forgive you, as I cannot.” That’s a good one, for God to find forgiveness easier than man.

There is a saying which goes “A fault confessed is half redressed”. So why is it so hard for people to forgive, even half of the faults? Maybe they imagine that they will never be wrong or that they will not be wrong in that way. I am very tempted to prove the opposite…

On the other hand, they may not realize how healing forgiveness is, and then keep insisting in their stubbornness to suffer because of what has happened and not to get rid of this terrible burden of unforgiveness. People often err to other people, even to their dearest ones, without the intention of making them suffer. When suffering happens, some of them are surprised by its devastating effects on the one wounded by their fault. There’s a lesson here about the responsibility for faults, but this is another story.

I urge you, when you are in a position to forgive someone, to muse on these words and to grasp their meaning: “And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Next time you make a mistake and pray for forgiveness, remember how much you have forgiven others.

Then, surely, there is a saying that goes: “To err is human; to forgive, divine”, but I hope you know that you are a divine spark and that I am always in you. So, forgive from the depth of your heart and you will not regret it.

To err is human to forgive divine

God Confesses to People: Love

God is Love

Something breaks inside of Me every time someone fails in love. Call Me a sentimental old man, but you have to admit that love is My most beautiful gift to you. The evidence is that you write, sing and live more about love than about faith, good and bad, Universe or death. Nothing is greater than the creative power of love and nothing is more destructive than the anger or sadness of unfulfilled love.

I will confess that sometimes I regret that I created Love or that I have not included a user manual for you. That’s why Hell is full of those touched by love, but who did not know what to do with it. On the other hand, there are more and more people coming to Heaven who perfected themselves through Love, which makes Me hold on to My hope.

After all, it’s so simple to live in Love. You just have to let it dominate you to the depths of your being. But no, most of you struggle to dominate it. I am not going to come between you, I have given you free will, choose your own fights. But you have to know that the war with Love is lost from the beginning. It’s lesson I had to learn Myself, as soon as I saw it in action, watching you. So the fighters against Love will live on Earth until they learn this lesson.

I do not know if I told you, Earth is a school I love. Here come and return all those who still have to learn something about Love. I have no interest in keeping them down there, too much energy is lost. The lucky ones find other people to learn from and climb faster on the cloud.

Keep your eyes wide open or, rather, keep your hearts prepared. You will find ‘masters’ at home, in your family, among your friends or work colleagues, in fact, wherever you go, there is the chance for some valuable lessons about Love.

I am waiting for you all to Me and I love each one of you. On My word of God.